Transitions transitions!

From college to married with a 7 yr old.

From starving journalist to equally starving nonprofit writer.

From 23 years old to 24 years old.

…and then there’s this. This static blog that gets so neglected whenever I fail to juggle all the changes in this mercurial life. 

Well. To be fair, I gave this blog a makeover just now. Partly to make it seem less static; and partly to motivate myself not to forget about it. 

I don’t know who follows me, or whether this blog really has any purpose outside of my own self-expression—though I hope it may lend inspiration or at least a smile to someone every once in a while—but self-expression is an incredibly underrated form of therapy. And one that doesn’t add to the list of pills and doctors bills I’ve got going for me. 

So back to music-sharing and the occasional thought-sharing. Let’s rock! 


Just snagged tix for the two night NYE run at the soundstage. Super stoked! 


Happy Birthday to a 61 year-old David Byrne!

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his job is to shed light not to master: Lunar Bay Music & Arts Fest

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guest written by Kanes Road Content


Under-publicized and under the radar, the first annual Lunar Bay Music & Arts Festival is bringing an insane amount of talent and good vibes to Harve de Grace, MD on June 29 & 30th.

And the tickets are CHEAP. Currently, you can get a weekend pass

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you can’t get here fast enough…

i will swim to you
whether you save me
whether you savage me
want my last look to be the moon in your eyes

Rest in peace, Jason Molina.




Codeine by Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Them eyes are as big as stars
When I saw you behind the bar
I guess that’s the way to keep on smiling where you are 
But girl them eyes are as big as stars

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Former Drive-by Trucker Jason Isbell and his fantastic band the 400 Unit (including talented keyboardist Derry DeBorja formerly of Son Volt, Jimbo Hart on the bass, and Chad Gamble on the drums) have announced new tour dates and a new live album to be released Nov. 20. 

Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Jason and being a guest at one of his shows, I’m speaking from first hand experience when I say he is a phenomenal songwriter and performer. 

His solo stuff is much more folky than what he did with the Truckers, though his southern roots are still quite present in his songwriting. He’ll be sure to perform songs from his most recent album “Here We Rest,” as well as songs from his first couple solo albums and some of his favorite Truckers’ songs. Stand outs from his most recent album include Codeine, Alabama Pines, and Daisy May. Other great songs to check out from his solo work include The Blue, Streetlights, Hurricanes and Hand Grenades, and Dress Blues. 


copy of the original Dylan lyrics for The Times They Are A-Changin’

something kind of awesome about seeing his writing process in tangible form…